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Welcome to Medietas! Are you interested in joining the game? Have an old muse you want to dust off, or voice test a brand new one in our game setting? Then you've come to the right place!

You all know what to do but if you don’t, just follow the instructions and HAVE FUN!

How To Play:

→ Comment with the character you’d like to test drive. Don’t forget to add their name and canon in the subject line.
→ Choose a scenario, or start your own!
→ Tag around!

Possible Scenarios:

1. New Arrival: You've just arrived on the island of Medietas, in the city of Aerilon via a floating boat, with people you may or may not know. Of course, you can't help wondering what the heck is going on here, or how you even got on the boat, but the vessel seems to be approaching a harbor with what appears to be.. are those floating islands? They sure are! And as if that isn't mind boggling enough, no one seems to have answers. But you are greeted by some lovely locals who offer you a map and a communications device and send you on your way. Perhaps the questions can wait for now. There's a new place to explore!

2. Go Exploring!: There's plenty of places to see, be it in your designated housing area, or on one of the adjoining community islands! Visit the market on Aerilon. Hike the mountains in Eurus. Sit on the beaches of Imber with a cocktail. Adventure in the forests of Mundus. Be careful though! Every area has it's dangers.

3. Party, party!: On the evening of your first night in the city, a party is being thrown on Aerilon in honor of your arrival. Eat, mingle, dance, meet the other new arrivals! The locals put on quite the celebration!

4. Wild Card! Customize your own scenario to fit your needs!
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Johanna Mason | The Hunger Games

[personal profile] noneleft 2016-04-14 01:35 am (UTC)(link)

    Johanna Mason had felt disconnected and had been trying to ignore the way her body ached. She'd been captured and shackled and well, her mind had pretty much disconnected itself with all that Snow had ordered to put her through.

    She had tried not to think of how loverboy, Peeta, was right down the hall. Tried not to wonder what had happened to Finnick, Volts and Brainless. All she could think was they better be okay because she wasn't going to be tortured for nothing. She'd gone in the Quarter Quell knowing that she could die making sure Katniss Everdeen survived and was rescued, it just had never occurred to her that she'd end up captured.

    Her hands balled into fists and she squeezed her eyes shut and tried to ignore the horrible shrieks that were echoing from down the hallway. She was a Victor, she could handle anything the Capitol tossed at her. She breathed in and then out. She was Johanna Mason, and she was not about to let the Capitol or Snow break her. She was stronger than anything they could ever think to do to her.

    There was a slight vibration and Johanna's eyebrows drew together before her eyes snapped open.

    What the---

    She was no longer shackled in a cell, she was seated on a boat. Immediately she was on her feet and her gaze was scanning everything, taking note of things that could instantly be turned into a weapon.

    What the hell was going on? Was Snow messing with her already?! This would be something he'd do. Ass. Drop her into a new arena, without her ax, one that didn't even look... How had he transported her without her knowing it?! Drugs? She didn't feel drugged. Her lips pressed together in a scowl and her gaze darted around suspiciously, eyeing the people around her, people she didn't recognize at all. New tributes?

    She drew back against a wall, eyes still narrowed and once they were docked, she was one of the first people off the boat. She probably looked a sight, pale skin with noticeable bruising over the parts of her body that weren't covered by the thin, dirty tank top and loose pants she was wearing. Her hair had been shaved off and she had dark circles under her dark eyes and she was barefoot, which didn't seem to be bothering her in the least.

    Johanna skirted around the friendly people who seemed to be waiting for them. She had no intention of talking to them. Nope. She had no intention of being part of the crap she'd currently found herself in. In fact, once she was far enough from the dock, she tipped her head back and glared up at the sky.

    "I'm not falling for it!" she yelled as she stalked around in a small circle. They were listening, they always were. "Might as well just kill me now because I don't know where they took her!" Screw them! She plopped back down and drew her knees up, draping her arms over them. "Do you hear me?! Just kill me already!" She was serious. She was done. They might as well just kill her because she wasn't moving. She was done being their pawn and playing by their rules.
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Re: Johanna Mason | The Hunger Games

[personal profile] burn_with_us 2016-04-14 02:29 am (UTC)(link)
Katniss is done with it too. She's done with being toyed with and this place is just yet another example of how Snow and the Capitol are screwing with her. She's had everything she's ever loved taken from her; now they take her home from her? Again? Any time she gets any sort of stability, it's ripped from beneath her feet.

Seeing Johanna raging nearby only confirms her suspicions. Two Victors in one place? Has to be a trick. Still, Katniss draws up close to see her and sits down beside her.

"More of their tricks," Katniss says bitterly. "Why am I not surprised?"
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Katniss Everdeen | The Hunger Games

[personal profile] burn_with_us 2016-04-14 02:07 am (UTC)(link)

Katniss likes the quiet of the woods. This place isn't familiar to her, these woods are not her own, but there's the comforting crunch of leaves beneath her boots and the soft sounds of animals in the distance. She has her bow in case there's game to be hunted but mostly she just wants to be. There's a solace in this place that she can't find anywhere else. The woods don't ask her to talk, to feel, to be a symbol. The woods ask nothing of her and Katniss doesn't feel the pressure she feels everywhere else.

So often lately, her walls have been pressing inward on her and the people who depend on her have seen her fall apart. Not here. Not now.

She hears the rustle of wings and turns, taking aim at a bird that has taken flight. They aren't starving here like they did in 12 but she still dresses and cooks the game she catches the same way she always has; it's not going to go to waste.
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Re: Katniss Everdeen | The Hunger Games

[personal profile] tobeclosetohim 2016-04-15 01:09 am (UTC)(link)

Jo really isn't expecting a bird with an arrow through itself to fall out of the sky nearly on top of her. In fact, even given the whole kidnapped and put up thing, and even given she's actually more than ready for purple monsters and demons to attack her at any second, she is not actually expecting this. The bird. Arrow. Thing.

Making her jump back, with a snap of, "Seriously?" at the woods around her.

A hand is already at her knife, because she's not a fan of crazy or people with weapons she can't see.

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Sonya Blade | Mortal Kombat

[personal profile] soldier_blade 2016-04-14 02:34 am (UTC)(link)

Captain Sonya Blade had long since accepted that weird events were now just a part of her life, but finding herself on a floating boat towards some strange city (realm?) still found itself on the top of the list. She felt nothing when she first appeared on the boat, and to her knowledge, any portal or teleportation involved some sort of signature or sign; it was never just 'appearing' some place. Several years ago, she would've concocted this as a stress induced dream or hallucination, but since dealing with sorcerers, gods, and other realms-she no longer had the luxurgy of that sort of ignorance. Added to the fact that the pain from her ribs and side of her face was still present meant she was probably still awake, regardless.

Least the denizens in this place were helpful enough to hand her a map. Both Tsung's island and Outworld, they were less cordial.

She studied the map in her hands, torn between wanting to check her 'quarters' and surveying the city. There had to be charge..some way to get better answers than this. At the very least, she also needed to find a pharmacy.

Sonya looked around, trying to gauge who might know the city better, and who may've just been on the boat with her. "I don't suppose you know where a pharmacy or drug store is?"

Her CO may've been shaking his head, but she couldn't bring herself to care. The past few years had just used up her 'weird shit' quota for a lifetime, was it too much to ask for a break.


The last thing Sonya wanted to do was attend a party, but from a professional standpoint, this provided a good chance at checking the rest of the crowd. Were there other 'new arrivals' and what of the people who'd been here awhile; if for no other reason, Sonya wanted to talk to them especially.

The army dress greens she arrived in were decent enough to wear at a party. Not entirely elegant or pretty of course, but she couldn't bring herself to actually spend her money on a party dress just yet.

She remained on the outskirts of the crowd, the drink she held more just something to hold. Another time and place, she would've welcomed the opportunity to dance, but this place was too new and with her ribs hurting to just breath, something silly as dancing was out of the question.

Hopefully there was someone else who felt as out of place as she did, or maybe more social. Even she felt strange about standing around doing nothing or talking to no one.
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Ygritte | Game of Thrones | 1 and 2

[personal profile] kissed_byfire 2016-04-14 04:19 am (UTC)(link)

Funny are the thoughts that run through a person's mind when they feel death coming for them, especially when it comes so quickly while you're in the arms of the one person you can admit to both hating and loving at the same time. And there's things you want to say, emotions you wish to express. But in the end, there's not enough time to say them before the last breath is taken.

We should have stayed in that cave..

A subtle nudge stirred her subconscious awake and the pain came back like the arrow she didn't see coming. The one that made it so much easier, in the end; for both Jon and herself. Still, the irony didn't go unnoticed that she essentially died of a broken heart.

Now, as Ygritte's eyes slowly opened, they turned upwards to the ceiling above the hard surface where she lay and heard Jon's final words to her inside her head, over and over until she couldn't stand it anymore. It was only then that the spearwife tried to move and in doing so cried out in pain.

She looked down to see the arrow gone, but the blood was still fresh and flowing steady like a river. It was then she noticed them all, people whom she didn't recognize in a place that wasn't Castle Black where she was sure she died. Yet, the wound in her chest commanded her attention yet again as a hand went to it. And despite all the anger, hurt over his betrayal, Ygritte finds herself calling out for him, half in uncertainty and yes, the other half in fear.


[03 - A couple weeks after arriving]

It is her stubbornness that has her finally decide enough is enough. Ygritte had remained largely unseen around the islands while she allowed herself the time to heal. Properly and without the aid of those claiming to be 'healers'. That was magic she didn't trust.

So when the day arrived that the spearwife could no longer remain stationary, she pushed herself out the door of her starter home and set out to explore this new land. One that she was still unsure of and would remain so until she actively explored every corner of each island.
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Re: Ygritte | Game of Thrones | 1 and 2

[personal profile] burn_with_us 2016-04-14 06:00 pm (UTC)(link)
Katniss takes to the woods when she's feeling anxious or restless and that's where she is now. She's got her bow and she hears something rustle behind her; it's too subtle to be a person, unless it's another hunter, and she thinks it might be a deer.

When she turns, the flash of red hair gives the lie to that. Whoever it is, she's light on her feet.

"Are you hunting? I haven't seen anything yet."

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Delia of Eldorne | Tortall (post-The Immortals) | 1 & 2

[personal profile] playedthegame 2016-04-14 08:25 am (UTC)(link)
It has been fifteen years since Delia, Lady of Eldorne, has seen this many people. Fifteen years. Fifteen years of imprisonment, first in Corus' prisons and then in a succession of isolated castles and fortified manors. Fifteen years of either complete isolation except for the guards who would bring her her meals, or the household of her custodians. Occasionally, she saw towns, but only on a brief travel from one residence to another. Once, her prison castle had to host terrified villagers fleeing a monster, but there had not been any more than fifty.

Fifteen years, and the last time she saw a large number of people outside was at her trial.


These strange docks, with all these strange people? When she's stand there in a blue dress so simple it functions better as an undergarment? When there is light after so long only seeing the sun through a window, and so many sounds and scents and images?

Delia is clutching the map and the strange device to her, and is trying very hard not to have a screaming fit.

Once she's found the little house assigned to her, and gone to her bed for several hours to recover, Delia is starting to feel better. Or at least, she's starting to feel a little more put together, so that her pride has been stung enough to maybe not hide. It would be so easy to hide, after all.

Too easy, in fact. It takes her another day for her to summon the pride and self-contempt to face going outside.

Discovering that the closet has more garments for her, she picks a green dress that makes her feel somewhat like her old self again. Like a lady, rather than a prisoner. Rebraiding her brown hair to a neat coronet, she gathers her courage and walks out into the streets.

She has the freedom to, potentially, do as she pleases. And what pleases her is to go for a walk, unwatched by guards and unhindered by walls, and to maybe find an inn in which to eat.

Freedom is, though, a little terrifying, so Delia is not walking particularly fast.

Or maybe she's just used to stretching out her activities as long as she can, so she can fill the long empty hours.
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[personal profile] magicsprice 2016-04-14 02:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Gold had let his curiosity lead him to the docks when he spied the boats approaching, he hung back away from the milling passengers disembarking until a specific one caught his attention. Her mannerisms; the way she clutched at the items she had been given and her expression were all too familiar to him. He knew without even needing to speak to her that here was a desperate soul.

She reminded him of himself as he had been back when he was first introduced to the airplanes of the Land Without Magic, terrified and internally screaming, doing her very best to refrain from screaming out loud in an expression of her fear of the unknown and what the future might bring.

He approached her swiftly and quietly, coming to stand at her side before speaking softly. "G'day, milady. Might I be of service?" Her clothing put him in mind of his original home world, and thus until corrected, he would treat her as coming from such an era.

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Rory McCallum (and Ceilidh) | Original

[personal profile] crowschild 2016-04-14 02:46 pm (UTC)(link)
1. The first conclusion Rory makes when he finds himself on the boat is that he's been kidnapped by fairies. It's a reasonable one considering his life. A lot of his family has been kidnapped by fairies and never to the fairy's betterment. He checks himself, pleased to see that his weapons, a pistol and a pair of knives, are still on him.

Next to him is Ceilidh, she's about five, obviously related as they have the same hair and eyes. She's wearing a pink shirt with a pony on it that says "let's be friends!" and is bouncing up and down singing, "Someone's going to diiie! Someone's going to diiie! I've been kidnapped by fairies so Uncle Rory's going to shoot them in the eeeyyyyee!!"

This is obviously an exciting prospect for her.

Rory doesn't tell her to stop. It's always interesting to see how people react to Ceilidh.

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Claire (Beauchamp Randall) Fraser | Outlander

[personal profile] jesushrooseveltchrist 2016-04-14 03:48 pm (UTC)(link)
[Scenario 1:]
It doesn't take much for Claire to believe she's crossed into another world. She's already managed to travel back in time, and so while the idea of a flying ship is a bit fantastical, she's already well-braced enough to believe in six impossible things before breakfast. Though she somehow imagines even Lewis Carroll would be stunned to be confronted with what she's dealing with right now.

Standing in the harbor, Claire's vision is assaulted with the sheer variety of people milling about. She recognizes some as having more or less modern clothing, but others look as if they've come from other times, and some look instead like they've come straight from the pages of story books. Some don't even appear to be human.

She refuses to be overwhelmed. Claire starts looking around for a kind face in the hopes that someone will be able to provide her with further instruction on what she should do next.

[Scenario 3:]

[This too, is not an altogether unfamiliar scene. Claire is in a dress very reminiscient of her wedding gown, though she's still wondering at how whatever mysterious provider was able to come so close to the original design. Claire is torn between the desire to have a drink - good lord, she could use one - and to maintain her sobriety to search the never-ending sea of faces in the hopes that she will find a familiar one.

One familiar one in particular.

But it's easy to be distracted by the swirl of dancing figures, the music, and the celebratory lighting.]

brochtuarach: (007)

[personal profile] brochtuarach 2016-04-15 04:01 am (UTC)(link)
Jamie would sooner be back at the stables, enjoying the company of the horses, or drinking in a pub, than at any sort of a party. But this party, this is for new arrivals, and there have been murmurs about the islands that indeed, new people have been arriving by flying boat, much the same as he did, with the first group.

And he cannot ignore that. If there is even the slightest chance that Claire could be among them, he has to know. Whether he likes it or not, this party is the best chance he has of finding out if she's here. His hopes are not high, but he has to try. For her, for their family.

It's a swirl of noise and color and the smell of food, and it's almost overwhelming for him, still recovering from his ordeal in prison, but he musters his courage and keeps his head high, wearing the kilt of clan Fraser as is his birthright (though how such a thing came to be in the small home assigned to him is beyond his ken).

He's standing off to the side, removed from the greatest press of people, his best chance to spot someone, when spot someone he does - and for a moment, he stops breathing. The din in his ears ceases, and he can hear his own heart beating as he watches her move through the crowd.

"Claire," he says, stepping forward, reaching out, afraid that somehow, he's wrong. That it's not really her.

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Anders | Dragon Age 2

[personal profile] possessed_mage 2016-04-14 03:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Right. Anders was pretty sure he hadn't been on a boat last time he was conscious. In fact, he was pretty sure he had been in his clinic in Darktown. The mage squinted his eyebrows together, trying to think. No, he'd definitely been in his clinic. Making a salve for the upcoming outbreak Isabela had no doubt reaped upon Kirkwall. Sure, he had healed her. Problem was trying to go after Isabela's partners was like a blindfolded game of dominos.

Isabela. Boat. Why hadn't he thought of that before.

"Very funny. Is this how we treat people who keep you from bleeding to death?...or infecting the entirety of Kirkwall?" Anders sat up, crossing this arms over his chest, waiting for the whore duelist to show herself. And tried to figure out how she had managed to knock him out and get him here. Where ever he was.

"Isabela." Anders called out. "Hawke? ........Fenris?" Okay, sure that last one was more desperation than anything else. The elf would probably just leave him there.
oiseau_ou_cage: (worried)

[personal profile] oiseau_ou_cage 2016-04-14 06:47 pm (UTC)(link)
Elizabeth looked up in surprise when she heard a man speaking. One moment she was in a river, the next she was. . . in a boat. With a stranger. She frowned, rubbing her head.

"What's going on? Who are you?" She rose to her feet, studying Anders curiously.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi | post-Revenge of the Sith | 01

[personal profile] only_hope 2016-04-14 06:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Tatooine. Obi-Wan had been here for the first time some years ago with Qui-Gon and it had been here that he’d discovered Anakin, had become a Jedi and taken his first padawan. His greatest joys and greatest sorrows had been tied to this planet and to Naboo and it felt like coming full circle to return.

He had delivered Luke Skywalker to the open, if concerned arms of Owen and Beru and while he could have had rest with them, a place, he’d opted to go on further into the Jundland Wastes. If Luke were raised unaware of his destiny, perhaps they would be able to shield him from the eyes of the Emperor and from Anakin himself, the Sith Lord now known as Vader. Anakin had hated Tatooine with a passion and it would take quite a lot for him to come back here. As illogical as it seemed, this was the best place to hide a Force-sensitive son from his twisted, dark father.

Tatooine was harsh and windswept but, Obi-Wan supposed, it had a unique beauty all the same. It was something he hoped he could come to love, considering how long he was well and truly stuck here, and he hoped being able to have the time alone would help him commune with the Force in a way that he hadn’t really been able to achieve up until this point. There had been too much strife, too much need for action, and for all he’d bemoaned meditation as a young man, he felt bereft without it now.

Felt keenly too was the loss of Qui-Gon, more than he’d felt in years. It had never really eased, that pain, and now with time to actually think about it and stop for a moment, it hit him like a weight around his neck that his master was well and truly gone. Obi-Wan hoped to be able to commune with him, to pinpoint his spirit within the Force itself, but it would take time. So much time.

He’d been lost in his thoughts long enough to drift, though, and instead of the windswept sands and Jawa huts of the Wastes, there was a small human settlement instead. It was nothing like Coruscant, of course, and it didn’t look like Mos Eisley, but had he stumbled upon a Hutt cartel or an Imperial outpost? He sincerely hoped not. Imperials were ordered to kill Jedi on sight and while he might be able to take one or two on his own, it would risk exposing him and, ultimately, Luke.

He was directed into a boat which, oddly enough, took him through the sky to a dock that seemed suspended in mid-air. It was rather like Bespin, in a way, but he hadn't been to Bespin in years.

Once he stepped foot on the strange island, he was given a communication device and was told it would direct him to where he'd be staying. Where was Luke? His mission was paramount, even if he had gone from Tatooine to a few other strange places over the years. It wasn't the first time he'd simply appeared somewhere, no, but it was the first time in a while.
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Re: Obi-Wan Kenobi | post-Revenge of the Sith | 01

[personal profile] crowschild 2016-04-15 05:32 pm (UTC)(link)
"Birds and bones, skeletons and stones," a sing-song voice came skipping behind Obi-Wan. "Don't go walking out alone." The song stopped and then the voice asked, tugging on Obi-Wan's robe, "Did they take you out of the bathroom?"

"Ceilidh! Manners."

The two voices belong to a pair with identical green eyes and red hair. One - Ceilidh - is a five year old girl, clutching a bloody looking princess doll. The other is an adult, Rory, is lazily following her. He seemed more amused at the girl's antics than upset.

She made a face and then said, "Excuse me. Did they take you out of the bathroom?"


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Krissy Chambers | Supernatural

[personal profile] nomorefistbumps 2016-04-14 07:09 pm (UTC)(link)
[Option 1 - New Arrival]
Krissy comes to with a start and a quick glance around at her surroundings. She's on a boat, filled with other people--none of whom she recognizes at first glance. She isn't armed, because she had just been in class getting ready to take a quiz in History when suddenly she, instead. She frowns and gets to her feet, moving around the ship amd going to peer over the edge. Her eyes widen and she takes a step back as she realizes they're not sailing, they're flying! And approaching their apparent destination now, too, which seem to be a set of floating islands.

"What the hell?"

[Option 2 - Exploring]
After getting settled--if you can even call it that--in her new house, Krissy decides against just sitting around and doing a lot of nothing. She heads out to explore each of the islands and see what they have to offer. And it wouldn't exactly hurt if she happened to find a familiar face, either.
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Jo's adjusted, as much as she going to get adjusted to kidnapped and put up, which isn't to say much or more than vaguely grateful, but alive and in one piece, and with that out of the way, and nothing else to keep her like she was in Shatter, or the Hellverse, she's bored. Which has been building. Through the door beating, stockpiling, research doing.

Leading her to a thought she's not even sure she's in love with. It was like waking up with a yoke.
It's glass under her bare foot as much as it's a time focus, and who knows, maybe even a good thing.

It puts her wandering all of the islands, in search of a building today. Walking around, most of the time with her eyes higher than where more people are walking. Or off to the far sides of them, either at what's right next to her, or what's a road, or two, or a square over.

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Juliet Burke | LOST

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She'd honestly thought death was less...boat than this. Although if you believed Greek mythology Charon and the lake to the Underworld was a thing. Not a real thing (she thought), and this is a little too 'tourist going off on vacation' for her to think this is truly what the afterlife should be. It's still mystical enough to seem like a dead woman's fantasy, and Juliet watches the floating islands as they get closer. She's not hurt, that's something she notices belatedly. There's no sign of her fall, no injuries, no blood. She can feel the phantom weight of the chains pulling, dragging her down with magnetized force, but there's nothing there - not even a hint of a bruise.

When she's handed her phone, she turns it over in her hand a bit - years of island life (and three of those spent pre-cell phone invention) mean she's never seen one that looks like this before - then tries to orient herself with the map, stepping off of the boat and feeling lost nearly instantly.


There are too many times she's wanted to look for James, to tell him about something, to have him with her just in case. But she's here alone, and all of the exploring she does is solitary. The forest is too much like the jungle so she only gives that island a cursory once over - the same with Eurus. But Imber is familiar, Imber is like home, and that's where she spends most of her time, sitting in sand cross legged, staring out and not even bothering with a drink to make it seem like she's enjoying the peace.

One of the things in her house was a small engagement ring, and she knows it was for her, from him. How it's here she doesn't know, but she's holding it now in her hand, raising her palm to look at it every now and again, trying to decide if she should put it on or never wear it at all.
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Re: Juliet Burke | LOST

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Obi-Wan had found his residence on Imber as well and he was grateful that he was not relegated to the desert yet again. While he would have happily endured Tatooine in order to keep the legacy of the Order safe, he was glad that didn't seem to be his lot in life.

He didn't mind sand when it came with water, though, and he often meditated on the beach at Imber. Today, there was a woman sitting cross-legged in the sand and he tossed her an informal greeting. She reminded him of someone he met in the village, long ago, but he couldn't be certain.

"I feel like I should introduce myself, as I've seen you out here when I've been meditating a few times. I'm Ben."

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Klaus Mikaelson | The Vampire Diaries/The Originals

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Klaus has been, for the most part, very quiet since his arrival. He doesn't know where he is, he doesn't know why he's here, and he doesn't know who's taken him.

He's doing his level best to be practical. One foot in front of the other...after all, he can't behead the one responsible for his predicament, for taking him away from his daughter until he knows precisely whose head he'll be ripping off with his bare hands.

So, first chance he gets, he ignores the housing assignment he's been given. He stalks the streets of Aerlion like a caged panther, quietly looking for answers and finding none. He's careful not to leave any marks, compels everyone he possibly can to speak with him--and when he finds nothing in Aerlion, he starts with the island he's apparently going to call home from now on.

And he continues this process, going from island to island, as long as he can.

And he will eventually lose his patience, so he's already sizing up those who might be fun to kill.

Because if he cannot get home to Hope, if he cannot get back to his city...he will scorch the earth he now walks on to make his abductors pay for their sins.
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Jo is wandering the islands by day again. The first time it was to case out the islands, the people, the threats and everything else she could end up seeing now. This time she's looking at empty buildings. Looking for something that doesn't look like baby puke threw up on all the buildings. Something that looks right. Something that feels right. Wondering if either of those are things that even exist in the slightest anyway.

Which she has time for here, when there is absolutely nothing else to do here.

Unlike how Shatter didn't at all, making her use the only little that was available.

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The shit of it was this wasn't even the weirdest thing to ever happen to Leah Clearwater. Not by a long shot. Maybe it beat out turning into a giant wolf, marginally, but at least this time when she got kidnapped by a freaky island, she wasn't bare-ass naked. And so far, there were no dinosaurs.

"Why the hell did you just think that," she muttered to herself, scowling down at her phone as she resentfully followed the path it dictated to her without paying much attention to anyone else around her. "That's exactly what's gonna happen now. Bunch of dinosaurs are gonna show up and everyone's gonna think, 'Oh, shit, where'd these things come from?' They came from you, Leah, they come from your stupid brain, your idiotic 'It could be worse, there could be dinosaurs!' brain. You moron."
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Sansa is not used to such rough language from a woman. She isn't used to it at all, really, because while Lord Tyrion had used some very interesting words around her, he tried to keep that at a minimum. Ramsay hadn't needed to use words at all to describe what he was going to do. While she's hardly an innocent, some things shock her, and this does.

"Are you quite all right? Is there something I could do to help?" she asks as she approaches, Lady padding dutifully behind her.

"You seem to be in some distress, my lady."

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Leia Organa | Star Wars | 4. Video

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[Disembarking from the ship to the docks, Leia had mollified her rising temper over being kidnapped with the fact that at least with Rey on the way to find Luke, her presence there was less vital than before. Still, the quicker she found answers, the sooner she'd be hopefully capable of returning herself. She investigated the device they gave her after ascertaining that the map was of little use other than showing her the lay of this Medietas and where she was to be staying while here.

It wasn't hard to figure out how to use thing and soon she managed to get the video feed going.]

Does anyone know what star system this world is in? Or for that matter why I've been brought here? If those responsible for bringing me here are trying to cripple the Resistance by removing me from it, you're underestimating them.
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[As soon as he sees (and hears) a familiar face coming across the device, he switches his own into 'reply' mode. He hasn't seen anyone else here that he recognizes, and he's glad there's one person at least.

He's still wearing his flight suit, not just the orange jumpsuit underneath but the vest and other accouterments too.]

General? I don't think this has anything to do with the First Order.

[At least, as far as he can tell, in the limited amount of time he's had to gather intelligence on it.]

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Toothless | How To Train Your Dragon | 1 New Arrival

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Toothless groaned as he woke. His head pounded with a sharp pain. One paw rose to rub his jaw and the side of his head, and he stared at it through barely open eyelids. How had he done that? His arms... he groaned as his head pounded again. Ow! He growled, power thrumming in his center. He swallowed it, then fully opened his eyes, before snapping them shut again. Ow! That hurt!

His head hurt, and seeing hurt, but he slowly pried his eyes open. And Stared. There were people around him, and he was... he was on a boat? He crawl-walked to the side of the boat, sort of shouldering through the people to peer over the edge, then stared again. The boat, and other boats, were flying! How?

What was going on?

Toothless was unsure why he was waking up on a strange boat. He was unsure why or how he had gotten there, or what was happening, but he was not happy.

He wanted to look around, but he was feeling woozy and tired. He groaned, a trilling sound, as he peered around. Maybe a human person could answer questions! So he stood, slowly, and peered around for one who might actually not look scared.
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Hiccup had woken up with a sack over his head but had quickly removed it and gone looking around once he'd realised he was on a boat. He was talking to himself when he spotted a familiar tail disappear around a corner. He quickly followed as best he could before calling out to his dragon.

"Toothless!" He ran towards his friend. "It's good to see you, buddy. Where are we?"

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Ashida Noriko | X-Men

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1- Noriko has done this more times than she wants to count; she's still a little lost each time, though she presents as the picture of a composed, modern young woman--for a definition of both composed and modern, and of course centered around post-millennial New York City--in skinny jeans and a flyaway yellow shirt, bright blue hair braided up into a silky strip left loose along the seam of her skull. Despite this place being flawlessly beautiful, something doesn't seem right. It never does, though: not to her, not after what she's been through.

3- So there's a party. Alright, Noriko can be a party girl, dressed up in spiky wedges that give her some height and add a little bit less 'I-just-walked-off-the-street" vibe, hair feathered out and gelled up. She's not really sure this is...quite her scene, though.
kon_el: PB is Robbie Amell (Smile 1)


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Conner wore a classically classical tuxedo, with a definite medieval vibe to it, and he was just done dancing with a debutante when he spotted Noriko. Sexy-beautiful bright blue haired women didn't come along every year, and he grinned as he hopped, well, hovered, across the dancehall.

Then he grinned as he landed next to her, sweeping a bow. "Pardon me, beautiful. Dance?" His eyes danced as he stood there, just a touch off the ground.

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Oberyn Martell | ASOIAF

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It was indeed surprising to open his eyes and find himself upright and alive instead of on his back and dead. Yet, despite knowing his own fate, Oberyn Martell couldn't help but give a hint of a smile, victorious in knowing that somewhere a Mountain was crumbling.

He did well in remaining calm, eyes taking in every detail of his surroundings while ears selectively picked up information he deemed of importance. Needless to say, that was pretty much everything.

After disembarking the boat, he set out casually, eyeing the device and map he was given for mere moments before traveling further into Aerilon.
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She's not used to this. To any of this. Not how damn clean everything looks. Not how colourful. Or the, the water.

Or the clothes. She stands out. She knows she does. She always has - tall, beautiful, golden-haired - but she's just wearing the shift she escaped in. Her belly is jutting out. There's blood running down her leg, the bandage soaked through.

But Angharad knows how to work it. Even limping. Which she does, limps over to the older man, chin up and blue eyes intense.

"Do you know how to use this?" she asks, holding up the device.

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Poe Dameron | Star Wars | Aerilon

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He's been in this strange place for a few days now (is this what Bespin's Cloud City is like? he wonders) and now that he's settled in and in possession of his jacket again, it's time to figure out what he can about this place. That's the point of reconnaissance, after all, and the more he knows about this place, hopefully the sooner he can find a way back to the Resistance and the people who need him.

So he heads for the market. That's where the largest concentration of people seems to be, and he expects that he'll get more out of the natives of the area than out of the newcomers like him, and he figures the place to find them is also at the marketplace. Besides, it's good to know what's available and where to find it.

Knowledge is power, after all.
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[personal profile] magicsprice 2016-04-24 05:58 am (UTC)(link)
Gold noted the young man wandering around in the market. Today he was dressed in one of his three-piece suits and was poking around the market in order to get supplies for both himself and Belle. He watched the man on and off as he made his rounds and when eventually their paths cross, he finally spoke up, his tone one of teasing good humor.

"Are you just familiarizing yourself with the market or you trying to do a bit of recon with the hope of somehow answering the questions on every new arrival's mind?"

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Marian Hawke | Dragon Age

[personal profile] failurehero 2016-04-22 06:13 am (UTC)(link)
((Canon point post da2, on her way to Skyhold on Varric's request))


Marian Hawke would feel safe saying that up until this point, she had lived a rather uniquely adventurous life. She's delved into parts of the Deep Roads untouched since the first blight, repelled a qunari invasion and then dueled their leader, killed (or so she had thought) an ancient darkspawn, and rallied a city against a woman gone mad with red lyrium. She even has her own book. And yet, when Marian awoke and discovered that she was not only in her tent on the road, but indeed in a boat that appeared to be floating about in the air, she was unpleasantly surprised. And Bear, while having lived a life more adventurous than most mabari, also found the entire situation a rude shock, judging by the way that he jumped about on the boat, barking madly at the sky below them.

It's a relief to set foot on solid (kind of) land when they finally reach the island, but no one there seemed inclined to try to explain what in the Maker's name was going on. Is this some new kind of quest she's been put on? Briefly, Hawke can't help but wonder if Skyhold contained more sky than previously estimated, but quickly came to the conclusion that such an idea was ludicrous. And, at the least, Varric probably would have bothered to mention something about a giant floating island. No, she is forced to conclude that wherever she is, it is without a doubt far from her intended destination.

Bear at her side, Hawke grasps the strange device and map she'd been given, looking around with wide, confused eyes. Disoriented and flabberghasted, she stands there like a deer in the headlights. After a few moments, she feels enough like a fool to at least try consulting the map, kneeling down so that Bear can have a gander at it as well, occasionally looking up to try to orient herself to where she was exactly on the map.


Parties were a far more usual scene than floating boats, and while it has been some time since those days as the Kirkwall Champion, reluctantly rubbing elbows with the nobles of Hightown, it was something that had, at least, occurred at some point in her life. Bear, not nearly as much of a party goer ('I guess you could say...he's not a party animal, huh?' Hawke can all but hear Varric saying, and nearly groans out loud), had been left at home. She almost regrets it, because even if she did have to spend the entire party keeping her mabari from attempting to eat the entire buffet, at least she would have someone, even a dog, that she was familiar with.

And yet, at the same was almost pleasant, to have no one know who she was. She made small talk with a number of people, and every time she said her name, there was a distinct lack of eyes widening, of people gasping, and absolutely no one comparing her to that book. It was the first time in a long time that the name Hawke didn't produce some kind of emotional response, whether fear, disgust, or awe.

She certainly can't stay here, not with the threat of Corypheus looming over Thedas. But it can't hurt, surely, to enjoy being all but anonymous, for once?
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possessed_mage: (Default)

Arrival! Anders is still Act 2 :D

[personal profile] possessed_mage 2016-04-22 01:32 pm (UTC)(link)
"Apparently," Anders said, walking toward a Hawke a tad older than he remembered, "that's called a phone." He had originally pocketed it and thought it was some very weird, probably very dangerous rune and was disappointed he couldn't ask Sandal to do something with it. "Someone showed me how to use it. It connects to something called a network...." That was where he had lost it. The mage had yet to actually use the device.

Offering his (friend??) a hand, Anders looked at her with curiosity and a fair amount of dread. Would she confirm Nadia's opinion of him? Or could he still brush it as yet another poor mage fallen to Templar delusion and manipulation. He confessed, he preferred the latter.

Hawke would probably do a bit of a double take at Anders, who was still wearing with white feathered coat and didn't look quite as much as a stark raving lunatic as the last time she saw him. Also, no exploding Chantry's. Yet.
Edited (spelling and grammar are good.) 2016-04-22 13:58 (UTC)

oh ho

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Ahsoka Tano } SW: Rebels (possible spoilers)

[personal profile] hinging 2016-04-22 05:39 pm (UTC)(link)
The juxtaposition between where she had been and where she was now was as different as night and day. Enough that she has sat on the boat for some time, alert but not quite as much as she would have been. Given her appearance, one could easily guess that she had been through quite the ordeal. It wasn't the first time it had happened, and a part of her didn't think it would be the last. That she couldn't recall how it had ended...

The Force was still strong in her, and while she might not be completely knowing of where it was that she was, she could sense no immediate threat within the vicinity. A check had shown her that where ever the boat was going, she would need to wait until it docked before anything could be done. It was why she was currently seated, kneeling upon the floor, hands resting lightly on her knees, meditating.

Map and communicator in hand, Ahsoka came to the decision that she would travel around the island before seeking out the residence that had been appointed to her. So far, answers had been fairly lacking, including, but not limited to, how and why she was here.

There seemed to be a fair number of places to visit on this floating island, and even though it was no where as teeming as some of the planets that she had visited in her youth, it did seem to be thriving. If she felt out of place with her attire and lightsabers hanging at her side, she didn't show it. The fact that many were humanoid didn't bother her either.

Yet, as she browsed through the windows of shops, ever watchful and alert, Ahsoka still couldn't help but wonder how any of this had come to pass. It wouldn't be the first time that she had found herself without a known path to travel on, as she had been in that position before when she had left the Temple. Yet she had still been on a planet that she had known. There seemed little to do but to explore and hopefully get some answers, and she would start here, before expanding her search.

Pausing before a shop, her brow furrowed lightly at the wares that were being sold within it. "Curious..."
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[personal profile] gentlespider 2016-04-24 09:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Sitting on the boat with her is a person, gender unclear, with jet black skin and eight arachnoid eyes--two large and yellow, and six solid black. Nir clothes are utilitarian, and dyed a very dark brown, though they appear to be made of silk. There are various accessories for climbing attached to nir person, including a grappling hook hanging from their belt, but no apparent rope.

Ne moved forward, reaching out to touch the strange...things...on her head, with fingers that were unnaturally long and had an extra joint in them.

"Hello? Are you all right?"

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Rick O'Connell - The Mummy/Mummy Returns

[personal profile] lookingforagoodtime 2016-04-23 05:29 am (UTC)(link)
Okay. Definitely not on the ocean. For one, they're in the air. What the hell. Not anything Evie said about the afterlife, either. Rick sighed, trying to not think too hard about that. One moment he's trying to rescue Evie from Imhotep, the next he's here, in a flying boat. And with strangers to boot. Or where his gunnysack was. Fuck. New place and he didn't have anything useful (well besides his hands and head).
And then an island, a bit like Venice (if Venice was floating in the air instead of in the water). At least they're friendly. Overtly. He was still very wary of them and whatever thing was this device they handed him And keys to a house? Didn't think they did that in Hell. Well. Might as well go see. Maybe there's a clue at the house. Rick sighed again, taking the device and key, and going to find his house. This place wasn't Egypt, for sure.

[Rick's scoping the islands out, with a gunnysack on his back and checking out all the islands. He's looking for someone for sure.]

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[Allison has her quiver on her back and her bow in hand as she makes her way down the street towards her home, humming softly under her breath. She pauses long enough to glance up at the man in front of her when she gets closer, flashing a small smile when she starts to go past only to stop because she recognizes the look on his face. It's a look she'd had not that long ago.

Turning around, she focuses on him.]
Hello. Are you new here?

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2 - Mundus

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Alexis Castle | Castle

[personal profile] mysterygirlcastle 2016-04-23 05:02 pm (UTC)(link)
(Mid season 5 so around the time she was kidnapped for canon point)

1: "This is not New York anymore." Alexis quickly realized when she came to on what was basically a flying boat. She scanned the scene and realized she was not the only one, others around her were also dazed and confused. Granted she was only a few days removed from being kidnapped herself so one thing escaped,"Here we go again."

But after eventually having a device pressed into her hand along with a map (and to her a quick and dirty version of what was going on) Alexis was left with more questions than answers. So for now she was simply walking and trying to make heads of what she was now in.

"No use in calling New York." she quickly realized. "But then things can only get more interesting from here!" a smile escaping her. But anyone could quickly see she was also not in the best of shape herself.
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Re: Alexis Castle | Castle

[personal profile] weylandtime 2016-04-25 03:53 am (UTC)(link)
"Interesting is bad." At least that's Weyland's personal opinion on the matter. Interesting means paperwork.

This is all paperwork.

Aaaaalll paperwork.

The Time Regulator glanced at her with an expression on his face as if the universe had personally done this to make his life miserable.

Re: Alexis Castle | Castle

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Re: Alexis Castle | Castle

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Gil Harris | Game of Silence | 2

[personal profile] talkingaboutjustice 2016-04-25 03:30 am (UTC)(link)
It's strange to him, being in a new place, when he's lived his entire life in Brennan or Houston (except for that nine-month stretch which can't really be considered "living outside of Brennan or Houston".) It's even stranger not having anyone here that he knows; he'd kept in touch with Boots, gone into business with Shawn, gotten involved with Jessie. He's even been back in touch with Jackson lately, although it wasn't under the circumstances any of them would have preferred.

He's only been here a few days, not long enough to need to work yet, though he has been exploring his options. Which means a lot of traveling between all of the islands, talking to anyone he comes across. He's gotten a few offers, luckily, but hasn't decided yet which one he wants to accept.

At the end of each long day, he stops in a bar for a drink or two, a different one each day. To find one he likes. Tonight he's found himself in the Fine Bottle Ale House, on a stool at the bar. "Can I get a pint of something?"
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Re: Gil Harris | Game of Silence | 2

[personal profile] complicatedloyalties 2016-04-25 05:15 am (UTC)(link)
Jessie was sure what to make of all this, or where this was to be specific. It was just another thing that she could chalk up to the craptastic life that she was living. If she would have known the mountain of shit she would have brought down on all of her friends, she just would have stayed with her mother. She would probably be dead by now, but hey who would miss her?

She hadn't seen Gil, Jackson or Shawn around, and after a few days she found a watering hole. She turned at the sound of the voice.


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Evelyn O'Connell | The Mummy Returns

[personal profile] noharmevercamefromabook 2016-04-25 10:18 pm (UTC)(link)

As the English woman found herself as a wanderer among the Aerilon market her thoughts drifted back to her last recollection before this strange world. She was on the airship, safe in her husband's arms watching their little boy at the bow of the ship with Jonathan and Izzy's arguing about something. It was still strange having been resurrected. She was still trying to process her new memories of her past life but for now she had to push that away and focus on this strange new place. She stopped at a tent to survey the various fruits on display or at least what looked like fruits.
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Hope you don't mind your son...

[personal profile] watchthesuit 2016-05-21 04:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Alex had trudged from the boats and been told of a village where all the children lived. That didn't interest him yet so he started exploring elsewhere. This was a whole new place he'd never heard of, not even in the really old texts.

He reached a market and thought he saw someone he recognised. But he pushed pasted it. His mother was dead. Then he saw her face and there was no way it couldn't be her. So he ran to her. "Mum!" He yelled, stopping just before her, just in case he was wrong, staring up at her with tears in his eyes.
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The Splendid Angharad | Mad Max Fury Road | 4

[personal profile] these_are_my_words 2016-04-26 02:00 am (UTC)(link)
The Splendid Angharad's arrival had been dramatic. She'd been in a state, dirty and bleeding, body shaking and the baby sending lashings of pain all over her belly.

Now, she's better.

All clean and shiny, with new clothes - not white cloth she has to knot herself, but actual clothes - and boots. Clean skin, clean hair, a clean bandage on the bullet-graze on her calf. The baby's settled down in her belly, even. It's better.


Except now she's sitting at a place called a kafay near the clinic she'd been taken, staring out over the markets in perfect incredulity.

There's colour, so much colour, and everyone's clean, shiny and full-life. Well-fed, too. Soft with contentment, not snarling hard with desperation. She's been given a whole jug of clean water, with a side of chicken (chook, isn't it) and some salad to eat, except she can't stop staring.

The last thing she remembers before waking up on that flying boat had been falling off the War Rig. She should have died. But now, she's here.

Wherever here is.

[ooc: notes for the canon-blind! The Splendid Angharad is heavily pregnant, and she has cross-hatched razor scars on her right forehead and right cheek]
Edited 2016-04-26 10:11 (UTC)
hummerdoc: (20)

[personal profile] hummerdoc 2016-04-26 10:23 am (UTC)(link)
That was going on his Hall of Fame list of most dramatic entrances to this place yet. Pregnant woman, nearly due, and with injuries both fresh and old? Those few hours getting her stabilised and the contractions stopped went on Ratchet's list of Exciting Times in the ER.

But that was then and this was now, and he wasn't necessarily looking for her, more like taking the opportunity whenever it appeared. She wasn't Carly, he knew that, not with those marks, and the brand, and she didn't have the right accent, either. But still. She was here, with a baby due soon and didn't know a soul here. Fragging youngling protocols, still active after all these years.

He slid into a seat at a table near to Angharad's and cleared his throat.


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