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T E S T   D R I V E   M E M E

Welcome to Medietas and our first ever Test Drive Meme! As we approach the grand opening of the game on April 1st, we thought we’d kick things off with a little something that will get you all interacting in the new setting! And it’s one less sample you have to worry about on your application if you’re considering our little game here.

You all know what to do but if you don’t, just follow the instructions and HAVE FUN!

How To Play:

→ Comment with the character you’d like to test drive. Don’t forget to add their name and canon in the subject line.
→ Choose a scenario, or start your own!
→ Tag around!

Possible Scenarios:

1. New Arrival: You’ve just arrived on the island of Medietas, in the city of Aerilon via a … floating boat, with people you may or may not know? You can’t help but ponder what’s going on here, but the vessel seems to be approaching a harbor and when it docks, some lovely locals are standing in wait to greet you. After that they hand you a map and communications device and invite you to find your accommodations and explore.

2. Party, party!: On the evening of your first night in the city, a party is being thrown on Aerilon in honor of your arrival. Eat, mingle, dance, meet the other new arrivals! The locals put on quite the celebration!

3. Go Exploring!: There's plenty of places to explore, be it in your designated housing area, or on one of the adjoining community islands! Hike the mountains in Eurus. Sit on the beaches of Imber with a cocktail, or go swimming. Adventure in the forests of Mundus. Be careful though! Every area has it's dangers.

4. The Bells Are Ringing!: And that means a islands wide warning that something dangerous is approaching! But where the heck are they coming from? Nevermind that, the caretakers rally the children and the senior citizens while Scykal, Imber's local sea monster, emerges from the large body of water on the island.  Interesting.  He hasn't been spotted in a long time.  Help the locals defeat him!

5. Wild Card!: Choose your own scenario!


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