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Welcome to Medietas! Do you have an interest in joining the game? Is there an old muse that you want to dust off? Or, perhaps you're looking for a place to voice test a brand new character and would like to do so in our little island setting among friends? Well, whatever the reason, this is where you can do that!

You all know what to do! If you don’t, just follow the instructions and HAVE FUN!

How To Play:

→ Comment with the character you’d like to test drive. Don’t forget to add their name and canon in the subject line.
→ Choose a scenario, or start your own!
→ Tag around!

Possible Scenarios:

1. Getting Settled: So, now that you've arrived and wandered around the starter home you've been given, it's time to check out the rest of the islands. There's a market on Aerilon that is full of treasures. Or, you can check out Chapter Six bookstore. Perhaps you wander over to the Mean Princess facility on Mulciber. There is so much to see and do!

2. Islands: There is definitely some weirdness going on around the islands from the sidewalks that glow to the mysterious energy that doesn't seem to have any direct source. There are statues that hum softly and seem to grow every so often. And what is with these bridges? Go forth and investigate! Puzzles are FUN!

3. PARTY: Every month or so there's always a celebration somewhere, be it on Mulciber, Imber, Mundus, Eurus, and now Nidus! Eat, drink, dance, talk among the other islanders. It's about making new friends and enjoying yourself, right? Even if you have been stolen away from your home world to a bunch of floating islands.

4. Trouble!: All is quiet and calm when suddenly the warning signals across each of the islands sound. Not long after, or, at least only long enough to get prepared, a large hydra creature crawling out of the lake on Imber. Do what you can to help remove this threat before it gets to any of the other islands!

5. Wild Card: Got something else in mind and want to create your own scenario? Go for it!


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