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Welcome to Medietas! Do you have an interest in joining the game? Is there an old muse that you want to dust off? Or, perhaps you're looking for a place to voice test a brand new character and would like to do so in our little island setting among friends? Well, whatever the reason, this is where you can do that!

You all know what to do! If you don’t, just follow the instructions and HAVE FUN!

How To Play:

→ Comment with the character you’d like to test drive. Don’t forget to add their name and canon in the subject line.
→ Choose a scenario, or start your own!
→ Tag around!

Possible Scenarios:

1. Getting Settled: So, now that you've arrived and wandered around the starter home you've been given, it's time to check out the rest of the islands. There's a market on Aerilon that is full of treasures. Or, you can check out the Frozen Lick ice cream shop. Perhaps even wander over to the Mean Princess facility on Mulciber. There is so much to see and do!

2. Islands: There is definitely some weirdness going on around the islands from the sidewalks that glow to the mysterious energy that doesn't seem to have any direct source. There are statues that hum softly and seem to grow every so often. And what is with these bridges? Oh, and what about the mainland with the huge crater in the middle of it? Go forth and investigate! Puzzles are FUN!

3. PARTY!: Every month or so there's always a celebration somewhere, be it on Mulciber, Imber, Mundus, Eurus, and now Nidus! Eat, drink, dance, talk among the other islanders. It's about making new friends and enjoying yourself, right? Even if you have been stolen away from your homeworld to a bunch of magical islands.

4. No Filters: Every once in awhile, very strange things happen on these islands. This time, it seems like people are just saying whatever they think. It doesn't matter how silly, how dark or even how awkward it might be, people just can't seem to help it. It's like you have no filter anymore! Everything you think, you say! So what goes on when that starts happening?

5. Wild Card: Got something else in mind and want to create your own scenario? Go for it!
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Ianta Jones - World of Warcraft OC

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1 - Getting Settled

Ianta Jones is one-hundred and ten percent done. She is done with life, the universe and everything else. She would very much like it if the ride could come to a complete stop, she wants to get off. Except... Except for one little thing, curiosity.

Who brought her here? Why was she brought here? Why has she been provided with the basic necessities to live? Why had they even gone so far as to provide her with a few things from home? (And a couple of those should be best kept from inter-dimensional travel.) She has a lot of questions. The only way to find those answers will be to play along.

After getting settled into her little house, Ianta sets off to explore the islands. She wears a white robe and her brown hair has been done back in a simple bun. She is also sans a summoned demon because if there's two things she knows for certain, not everyone will tolerate a warlock and even fewer than that will tolerate a demon.

Ianta Jones is a warlock. While she prefers to follow the path of affliction. She knows enough destruction-based spells to pass herself off as an inexperienced fire mage. However, the taint of fel remains. It lingers for those sensitive to such things. She also carries with her a simple staff with a highly ornamental (yet sharp) white and gold spear.

She walks all over the islands, she is used to walking. Most things are familiar. There is nothing that seems incredibly out of the ordinary. The floating islands remind her of both Dalaran and the Broken Isles. Ianta discovers that there is neither the Alliance nor the Horde present. Most of the inhabitants appear to be human. There are no signs of the Legion's presence. The most important thing, however, is that there isn't a single mage to be found. Is she finally free of the gray-haired menace?

On Nidus, she discovers that the buildings differ from the rest of the islands. She is forced to stop before a large, tall tower. She knows what that tower is and knows who it belongs to. Why is it here? Who controls it now?

Her left hand comes up to rest on the side of her face and then travels down to cover her mouth. Ianta's head shakes slightly. She does not like that tower nor does she like what it represents. It can't be here, it shouldn't be here. Her left hand finally lowers but her grip around her staff tightens.

"Is that really Karazhan?"

The warlock is not entering that place without having at least four more people with her. She needs a group.

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Re: Ianta Jones - World of Warcraft OC

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"Is that what that place is called?" asked a kid nearby who had been gazing at the tower as well, wanting to go in. His adventure sense was tingling and Link looked over at the woman.

Rounded ears, which meant she was one of those "Humans" people mistook him for. The kid himself was dressed in green, with a kid sized sword and shield on his back, dangerous weapons for a boy his age. "I've heard the guy who owned it isn't here anymore, but I think it'd be cool to explore it."

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Link | Legend of Zelda Wind Waker

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2. Open seaaaaaa! As much as possible.

Link was definitely glad the ocean was a constant; he'd have gone nuts if there was no ocean to zoom around. While this wasn't the same world he was used to, it was also something he wanted to explore quite a lot. So, borrowing a fishing boat, he took sail, the enchanted baton changing the breeze to fill the sails.

For a moment he missed the King of Red Lions, but knew that nothing could replace the old ruler. Instead, he sailed from island to island, checking everything out. Once in a while, he would sail to the mainland, and explore it there. And when evening came, one could find Link exploring the taverns and subsequently getting kicked out of them for being too "young".

5. Grass Cutter for Hire


With each strike of his sword, mighty opponents were felled. The tall grass had seen better days as Link sheared off the long overgrown stalks with expert swings of his sword.

This was his life, now that there was little to explore at the moment. And he sighed deeply as he cut a few more stalks of grass.
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Asuna Karino (Poppy Popipapo) | Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

[personal profile] doremifa_beat 2017-05-22 01:36 pm (UTC)(link)
5. The Clinic

Asuna had obtained a position at the clinic, and she was bandaging the leg of her patient with swift motions. Despite her Poppy half, Asuna was actually a fully fledged nurse in many ways. She had helped the Ministry with her job as both Asuna and Poppy, and she had definitely worked well with the children in the Pediatrics section of the hospital.

And when Emu got himself hurt too much, it was Asuna there patching him up.

"There you go," she said. "Now change the bandages every day, and keep the area dry when you shower. It should heal properly with no scars."

5. A matter of attention

Poppy Popipapo was an unrestrained woman, most of the time. Concerned with good quality fun, she was sitting down on the nearby wall, looking at her buggle visor. Dan Kuroto wasn't in it, which meant he was free, a problem Poppy would have to solve later.

This worried her, as well as the lack of the game. Cronus had just revealed himself, and things were going bad. Despite this, Poppy wanted to be ready, to be able to fight alongside her friends.

"In the end, I need to help the others."
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"Can't believe I got so damn careless."

There was no way that monster should've gotten that swipe in the way it did. It even got through the explosion!

Re: Clinic

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Re: Clinic

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Re: Clinic

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Re: Clinic

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Re: Clinic

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Re: Clinic

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Lyssa | OC

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This wasn't home. It was too... nice. The only good thing about it whatever this place actually was they'd sent along one of the dogs. Well, at least the one with her then resembled an Irish wolfhound. To any human at least. What others saw... well, Lyssa was going to deny that about him here. Back before ending up on the boat, she'd had more, but one was enough to keep her company. She missed her husband. He wasn't going to be coming along though.

She walked along with the dog trailing after her, having to call him now and then to stop him trying to eat something he shouldn't, digging something up or just staring at people.
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Re: Lyssa | OC

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Asuna was in the market at that moment, before noticing the dog trailing after Lyssa. Her Poppy instincts kicked in and she asked, "Is this your dog miss? It's so cute!"
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Lunafreya Nox Fleuret | Final Fantasy XV | warning: there be spoilers in here

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1 - Getting Started.

Lunafreya is a little confused. She shouldn't be here right now... as a matter of fact, she should not be anywhere. Her duty has been completed, her prayers answered and her calling fulfilled. She's passed the Ring of the Lucii off to her prince, and her part in his story is over. The last thing she can properly recall is watching Noctis trying so desperately to get to her but to no avail, watching as the current stole him away back to the land of the living while she floated downwards into peaceful oblivion.

So color her surprised that she is, in fact... here. Wherever here really is. All she knows is that she's been provided with a place to stay. What kind captors... or perhaps she hasn't been captured and dragged some place at all. Perhaps this is simply where she's ended up.

But if that's the case, how can she possibly keep her promise to watch over Noctis?

Luna can be found walking around to different locations here and there, trying to get her bearings, talking to the locals and asking questions that honestly probably sound silly after she's already asked them. But she has things that need to be answered, because she knows for certain that this is, and should be, physically impossible for her to be here.
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*Cartwheels in, falls asleep*

[personal profile] weight_of_the_chosen 2017-05-26 08:40 am (UTC)(link)
Umbra did something he didn't do very often: he woke Noctis up. Back home Umbra had a tendency to run off to deliver messages between Noctis and Luna and whatever else he may get up to. Noctis didn't really ever give it much thought, to be honest. So when Umbra settled right on into that familiar role, Noctis didn't think much of it, so it surprised him when Umbra actually sought out waking him. The last in the line of Lucis grumbled softly about it, sucking his teeth in a clear sound of annoyance.

"What is it boy?" He asked softly, trying not to sound as annoyed as he looked. He probably failed, but Umbra didn't seem bothered by that at all. He was well aware of Noct's habits and behavior and waited patiently for Noctis to rub the sleep out of his eyes. After the young man grabbed a shirt and slid it on, Umbra started to trot away.

"Want me to follow you?" He asked, thankful that it wasn't one of his friends or a person in general. They would probably say something sarcastic and then he'd roll his eyes or sigh.

It would be a whole thing. Following Umbra ended up being pretty damn troublesome, the dog keeping a pretty steady trot that required Noctis do the same. When Umbra disappeared into a throng of people, Noctis almost cursed under his breath when he saw her standing out clearly among the people.

"Luna?" His voice called out, Noctis slipping in between people, ducking and weaving throughout as he made his way to her--not unlike the way he tried to reach her when she left him before. "Luna!"
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/flops and rolls

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Here, was Medietas, but like Luna, Poppy was a little out of place in her bright colors and design overall. She was playing a game near the docks when the latest boat pulled in. Having appointed herself as greeter, Poppy bounced up to Luna with a wide grin.

"Welcome to Medietas!" Exclaimed Poppy cheerfully. "Yay! I'm Poppy Pipopapo and I'm here to answer as many questions, and I'll try to answer them all!"

And Poppy held up a large cracker and popped it for Luna's arrival.
adoptedpseudonym: PB: Henry Cavill (Thinking)

Jared Scott | AU version of Henry Mills

[personal profile] adoptedpseudonym 2017-05-26 11:56 pm (UTC)(link)
Stepping off the boat, Jared looked around. It was obvious he was no longer in Storybrooke or even the Land Without Magic but he didn't panic. Keeping his cool, he politely thanked the woman who handed him a map and communicator and studied what he'd been given. There appeared to be six islands beside a mainland with bridges connecting them. And he had been given a house on one of these islands. Interesting that they expected him to be staying a while. Walking through the crowd around the docks, he found his way to the market place. Maybe someone here could give him some answers.

"Excuse me?" He approached someone at random and hoped they would be receptive.
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Re: Jared Scott | AU version of Henry Mills

[personal profile] doremifa_beat 2017-05-30 06:08 pm (UTC)(link)
"Haiiiiiii?" Exclaimed Poppy, turning around cheerfully. From first appearance, the woman looked like she stepped out of a kids show with all of those buttons, notes and frilly yellow dress.

"Can I help you?"
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Blake Moran | Madam Secretary

[personal profile] efficaciousness 2017-06-14 08:17 pm (UTC)(link)

Getting Settled

Blake is still unsure what he's gotten into or how he got into it. He's also not sure that he's not crazy. This seems like the sort of thing that would come straight out of a crazy person's mind after all. Maybe all the long hours and running himself ragged have finally caught up to him. He'd be apt to believe that if everything didn't feel so real -- not to mention, crazy people don't think they might be crazy (that's part of what makes them crazy, right?). The townhouse has enough accommodations to suit him -- he hadn't had a fancy apartment in DC either. His cat was there, so at least he didn't have to worry about him.

However, the rest of this place felt a bit surreal. He's in a suit still, wandering around the market. Nothing in particular catches his interest and he's restless without the constant hustle of working in the State Department. He was going to have to find something to do with himself sooner or later because exploring is not his cup of tea. He picks up a random item from one of the stalls and makes an expression of distaste despite himself.

He doesn't know what it is but it doesn't look pleasant.


It'd taken some talking himself up to it for Blake to show up at the party. He's not in a full suit but he is in a button up light blue shirt with a tie neatly settled at his neck. He has on dark blue slacks. There wasn't particularly any in between clothes that seemed suitable. Work out clothes and then garish ones of weird colors and designs that certainly would not work on him at all.

Blake's been to plenty of parties but this is one that he doesn't quite know what to do with himself at. He sticks close to the drinks, and tries to look open to conversation -- which is easier the more he drinks. You wouldn't catch him dead on the dance floor though.


[ Hit me with your best shot! ]
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[personal profile] coloroutsidethelines 2017-06-14 11:46 pm (UTC)(link)
Clary needed to get out of the Institute for a while. Needed to just get away and give herself time to think. Not that she didn't enjoy Rebekah's company because she did. However, she just needed time to herself. Maybe she'd even grab some food from the market. Something for her and some of the animals that were around. What she doesn't expect is a stranger out there. One that she's not seen before anyway. Doesn't mean she can't help the smile that crosses her lips when she sees that unpleasant look.

"It's not as bad as you think."

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Hannibal King - Blade Trinity

[personal profile] hellomynameisfu 2017-06-21 03:32 am (UTC)(link)
1. Getting Settled:

Hannibal didn't have a lot of hard and fast rules. He was more the type of guy to play things fast and loose. One of those rules though was that if a magical fucking boat crossed a magical fucking ocean to bring you to some seriously messed up magical fucking islands? You peed in that ocean every chance you get. And not just pee in it when you were swimming either. Fish did that. Everything did that, even that bitch Kelly who acted like she was better than everyone else. Fuck you Kelly and your hollier-than-though second grade bullshit.

No, Hannibal walked down to the shoreline every morning to pee into the ocean. It was his morning ritual. For the two mornings that he'd been here.

Zipping up his pants he double checked his holsters before yawning and heading back up the beach. He'd go get some morning coffee and then spend the rest of the day doing what he did every day here, exploring the islands and eating a shit ton of ice cream.
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whistlerhunter: (a look : are you kidding me)

[personal profile] whistlerhunter 2017-06-21 03:40 am (UTC)(link)
At first, Abby thought it was a kind of mirage when she spotted King standing on the shoreline taking a piss in the water. Then it crossed her mind that it was just too strange of a scene for her to come up with because why would that be what she would see the first time she saw her partner in months.

After that, she was biting back a sigh while praying for a bit of patience. Yes, she wanted to hug him but not while he had....himself out.

So she stood quietly just a few feet away, dressed in running clothes and with her hands on her hips. When he turned around to head back up the beach, she would be right in his path and so there was no way he would miss the look she was giving him. It sort of said 'Really? Did you really have to just do that?'

But she didn't ask it out loud. Instead, she moved to hug him when he got close enough and rather tightly at that.

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Draco Malfoy | Harry Potter

[personal profile] malfoy_pride 2017-06-26 08:23 am (UTC)(link)
1. Getting Started

Draco thought he would get used to things happen unexpectedly around him. Such as a war ending and a Dark Lord being permanently defeated. Or learning a new spell. Or anything involving instant teleportation to wherever he wished to go. All those had happened before. But this? Waking up on a boat, in some foreign land he had never been to before? If it was even the same planet? That was completely, extremely new to him as far as bizarre circumstances went. But he was a Malfoy. He wasn't supposed to accept defeat unless forced to, and was also taught to find ways to adapt. Or to turn things around for his own advantage.

Lot of good that did my father, he thought to himself, all that time bowing and kissing Voldemort's feet didn't make Him respect us, nor did it make us kings. But whatever, that part of his life was ever. He hoped to never see another evil wizard again. Right now, he needed to see what he could learn about the current predicament. Still dressed in school type uniform, and Hogwarts robes, he managed to get off the boat and begin walking, eyes slightly wide as he took in his surroundings. There didn't seem to be any danger. So that was one thing in his favor, fortunately. He continued to walk and eventually found himself in the marketplace.

"Interesting," he spoke softly to himself, gazing at different items. Maybe he could run into someone who can help him understand this a bit more. Maybe someone he'd know, but he wouldn't hold his breath. That would likely take a miracle for him to be that lucky.
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Wynonna Earp | Wynonna Earp

[personal profile] stupidforgiveness 2017-06-30 10:18 pm (UTC)(link)
3. - Are we partying?

While she loved a good party now and then, Wynonna wasn't sure what to make of the whole fancy thing that they had going on for this one. Everyone was dressed up like a god damn fashion show, there were sparkling lights everywhere and music that she wasn't sure she could dance to even if she drank a whole body of tequila just to get past the awkwardness.

Pressing her lips together, she continued to look around the ballroom while wishing she had just gone to a bar instead. Hell, she hadn't even bothered with a fancy dress or anything. Nope, in total Wynonna fashion, she wore a pair of leather pants, a black t-shirt and her favorite jacket over top. She also had Peacemaker sitting on her hip because she hated going anywhere without it these days.

Blowing out a sigh, she shook her head. "I am not nearly drunk enough for this shit."

4. - Oh crap, what do you mean no filters?

At first, Wynonna thought it was because everyone in the bar was drunk. Drunk people had a tendency of being honest after all, right? They would just blurt out whatever came to mind, consequences be damned. That's why she loved drunk people so much...until she didn't.

But all of this shit just seemed strange.

Standing at the end of the bar at the Flagon, she watched as a couple guys started to get into it and some of the shit they were saying was just down right nasty. It also seemed to shock them that half of what they were saying was actually coming out of their mouths.

"Fuck." She breathed before tossing back another mouthful of whiskey. "This is going to get good."

Little did she know, she had been affected by whatever was going on too.

5. Let's get wild! [ If you have another scene you want, throw it at me. ]
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[personal profile] deaths_head 2017-06-30 10:25 pm (UTC)(link)
"Already did."

The deep voice at her left elbow held a little bit of a laugh as the biker it belonged to gave her arm a light swat of his knuckles--not a blow, more a tap to get her attention--and gestured to two burly men in the corner who were making out heavily.

"Seems they been carryin' mutual torches. Or some such." the six-ten, tattooed redhead snickered...then blinked with a puzzled look. "Can't remember what that's like anymore--carried one when I was a livin' man, but a century dead'll do that to ya."

Abruptly, he looked horrified at himself.

...right. So he, too, was being affected by this thing.

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[personal profile] hellomynameisfu 2017-07-06 06:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Hannibal was dressed in a very sharp tuxedo type outfit. It even took some people a double look before they realized what it was that he was wearing. It only took him about one circuit of the room though before he only had eyes for one person. Tight pants, don't fuck with me attitude, and a big gun? Hannibal was past being turned on and was already in love.

"Rookie mistake, you didn't pregame the fancy party," Hannibal said after he had super-not-creepily worked his way over to where she was. "You have to drink, but not so much that it doesn't look like you've been drinking so they let you in the door."

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Athelstan | Vikings

[personal profile] aberr 2017-07-03 05:55 am (UTC)(link)
1. Getting Started

[ Athelstan awakes with a jolt, and he immediately knows that he isn’t where he’s meant to be.

He sits up slowly and gingerly touches his forehead, expecting to find an open wound. There’s no blood and no pain, but he can still recall the seconds leading up to this moment and he knows what was meant to happen. He had accepted his fate with an open heart and open arms, but this isn’t heaven, and that fact shakes him can to his very core.

It isn’t Kattegat either, and while the gentle rocking of the waves is familiar and comforting, the hull of this boat isn’t anything like what he knows. As one of the boat’s crew member, unfamiliar and strange, passes by, Athelstan reaches for his wrist.

What is this place?

[ He asks first in English, then repeats himself in Old Norse when the crew member offers no response beyond a vague smile. Still without response, he gestures for Athelstan to follow him the top deck. Stripping the flannel blanket from the bed to cloak himself in, he follows, and within mere moments is standing on the dock with a map and a strange device in hand.

Lost-looking dude in a blanket? Might want to lend a hand.

2. Market

[ Athelstan takes a few days to calm himself, to force down that lump in his throat that reminds him that he’s far from God’s kingdom, and that his doubt in his faith can always return once more. He’s been in conflict with himself for years, and he doesn’t want to feel that way any longer.

Still, he’s a man of boundless curiosity. There has never been a point in his life when he’s stopped asking questions or making inquiries. When he’s managed to settle himself and adjust to his new surroundings, he does what feels right: he seeks out knowledge.

You can find him wandering the market, asking dozens of questions to the vendors, or even more likely, in the Chapter Six bookstore, pouring over any and every book that sounds as if it might hold information about these islands and their history.

3. Wildcard

[ Try me. I’m easy. ]
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It's a test drive, so going with Gyda XD

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[Gyda had been having one of those days, the sorts that the gods send to test people. Some of the animals were fussy from the heat, and taking care of them made her late for her classes at the White willow. On top of that, she'd found that she'd failed not one but two examinations. The rest of the day had her in a sullen mood and just not really wanting to deal with anyone.

Her being in the market was more out of a need for distraction, checking out the wares and wondering if there was anything worth buying. By chance, she passed by the bookstore, not giving it a second thought (her brain had enough of books for the day), until she saw a person that she swore looked familiar.

Turning towards the shop, she quickened her pace and rushed inside, speeding through the aisles. This couldn't be the person she thought it was, but it could just easily be him.]

She stopped suddenly when she saw him by the world history section. His hair was longer than it was when she last saw him and tinged with gray, he'd also wore it in a style more like the Northman. Still, it was him.]

Athelstan..[Gyda just barely kept her voice above a loud whisper before rushing at him. She hadn't seen him in over a year with this place, had resigned herself that she may never see her monk again. Athelstan himself would find Gyda a little taller than he last remembered, her clothing a mix of homespun and modern garments.]

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[It had been a time for Ragnar Lothbrok over the last several weeks. Not in the matter of health, or even finances, but in the mind. The gods were testing him and shoving an unseen purpose that left the Northman feeling maddened by the confusion of why, in the end, he was brought to Medietas. There had to be more to it than simply reuniting him with his dead daughter and ex-wife.

As much as it frustrated him, the riddle gave him plenty of time to think. Especially once Lagertha was sent away, only to return again a month later. It gave him time to think of the people still back in his world. Björn, Aslaug, his other sons, Floki, Helga, and Rollo. Yet, the one who was always on his mind was the monk whom he brought to Kattegat all those years ago.


But Ragnar never expected to see him there. That would be too much of a blessing for the gods to bestow on him and he was sure he wasn't worthy of something that gracious. And yet, as the king wandered his way through the market he heard a voice that seemed right out of his dreams and he spun around quickly to try and find it.

In an equally familiar way to the other man, he called out his name.]


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[Lagertha still wasn't used to this place. She'd never seen such drastic differences in living and since she hadn't moved onto the farm, she was trapped in unfamiliar walls. The market was the closest thing to Kattgut's own market, to home. Not having anything in the way of food, she and her small stipend wandered the market stalls with a basket in hand, stopping here and there to see the wares being sold.

She was standing at a fruit cart, inspecting the goods with gentle squeezes and a random sniff of them here and there, but she was fascinated by the selection. There were so many interesting fruits]

What is this one? [The vendor smiled at her cluelessly and she remembered that no one spoke her language. Sighing with an apologetic smile, she pulled out her device just as Athelstan wandered into view. Lagertha stopped cold, mouth falling half open in her shock before curving into a pleased, almost relieved smile.]

Athelstan. [All she needed was Bjorn, and the whole of her family would be back together again. Unsure if he'll see her or not, Lagertha heads towards him, fruit forgotten for the moment.]

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Alexander Hamilton | Hamilton

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[A market full of treasures, you say? That's certain to catch someone's eye. Well, more precisely, he's got some shopping he needs to do, and he's doing what he does best: arguing.] What? No, that's fuckin' outrageous, all I want is a needle an' some thread. You can go lower, c'mon, take a little pity on a guy who just got here. I'm not goin' higher than 3 gold at the most.
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What do you need the needle and thread for? [ Don't stare too much, dude; Noriko steps off her skateboard, hitching a backpack higher onto her shoulder as she takes in the situation. She's automatically interested in someone arguing at the market, because it seems like no one else does. ]

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